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Just 4 words:

"Welcome to my universe"

Stéphane Osias


There is no better designer than Nature."


"He gave women power, while letting them be fragile and vulnerable at the same time.

People always used to say he was a misogynist, but it took me a while to realize that he was actually empowering women and not the other way around."




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Alexander McQueen as a skeletor

Alexander was completely obsess with death and the representations of it. His tragic suicide was his last show...

Aexander McQueen fashion show

Alexander McQueen "hats butterflies" by Philip Treacy Oistrichs Feathers dress Chapeau Papillons par Philip Treacy robe en plumes d'autruches

Honey miel AlexanderMcQueen woman

Il dépassait les limites de la créations de par sa créativité et de son immense sensibilité. Alexander McQueen was always pushing his boundaries with his fantastic talent.

three icons from Alexander McQueen m

Trois modèles d'Alexander McQueen avec des bouches overside dans un décor de fin du monde. Three Alexander McQueen icons with overside mouth in a set like an apocalypse

Alexander McQueen butterflies dress

Une robe papillon ou perroquet haute couture issue des studios d'Alexander McQueen. A butterfly and parrots haute couture dress from Alexander McQueen mind.

Björk wearing Alexander McQueen

In 1997, Björk is wearing a kimono by Alexander McQueen for the photo cover of HOMOGENIC, her 4th album studio.

Alexander McQueen as an albinos

Alexander McQueen is photographed by Nick Knight

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